Bruges Kayak Rally

22/03/2020 : Brugse Kajakdoortocht / Rallye international de kayak à Bruges / Bruges Kayak Rally
De kajakdoortocht is afgelast wegens de Corona (covid-19) uitbraak.
Door de adviezen van de overheid om evenementen af te gelasten door het grote risico om het Corona-virus verder te verspreiden, is er beslist om de toertocht dit jaar niet te laten doorgaan. We hopen u te mogen verwelkomen op onze volgende editie.
Le rallye de kayak est annulé à cause de l’épidémie corona (covid-19).
En raison des conseils du gouvernement d’annuler les événements et de minimaliser le risque de propagation du virus Corona, il a été décider de annuler le rallye cette année. Nous espérons vous accueillir lors de notre prochaine édition.
The kayak rally is cancelled due to Corona (covid-19) epidemic.
Due to the government’s advice to cancel events due to the high risk of further spreading the Corona virus, it has been decided to cancel the tour this year. We hope to welcome you at our next edition.

Sunday March 22th 2020

Every year, the Brugse Kajak Klub (BKK) organise a rally for kayaks and canoes in the third weekend March.

Starting this year, we can no longer use the parking space, adjacent to the clubhouse. Since we no longer can use this parking space, we are obliged to relocate to Steenbrugge.
New address: Baron Ruzettelaan 298, 8310 Brugge
Due to collisions with guided tour boats in previous editions, we no longer have permission to admit inexperienced kayakkers or canoe rentals. To avoid other collisions, we have to ask to give way to tour boats at all times.

There are different possibilities:

  • Sunday morning:
    • Brugge – Beernem – Brugge : 24 km
      Departure BKK: 9h00
    • Beernem – Brugge : 12 km
      Departure: from 10h30 until 11h00
  • Sunday afternoon:
    • Brugse Reien: 13 km   –>    SUPs and rentals are NOT allowed on the Bruges canals
      Departure BKK from 13h00 until 14h30
      return at the coupure between 15h00 and 17h00

Practical information:

  • Registration:
    • Sunday from 9h until 15h (Departure) or from 9h until 11h at the Kijkuit (Beernem)
    • Kayakers which do Brugge-Beernem-Brugge can register in Beernem (will be communicated at the moment itself in Brugge)
  • Registration fee: 5,00 euro per day (the payment is made the day itself at the registration desk)
    • A cup of soup is incluced for the participants that kayak from (Brugge-)Beernem-Brugge
  • Address: Baron Ruzettelaan 298, 8310 Brugge
  • E-mail:

Sunday : Soup and grilled sausages are available from 11h for all participants democratic prices.

How to get there?

Via Gent E40 take exit 9 – Oostkamp, go to the right, via ring road Oostkamp (N388 – follow direction of Brugge), after the bridge from Steenbrugge (over the water), and at the next roundabout (go straight on) you drive into the Baron Ruzettelaan. At your left you will find us (at the AD Delhaize).

Via Veurne / Oostende E40: take exit 8 – Brugge (follow direction Brugge until you are on the E403). See further E403 via Kortrijk

Via Kortrijk E403 : at the end of the highway, take exit Zedelgem / St. Michiels (Kinepolis / Station). At the roundabout, take the 1st exit. Follow this road until you are at the back of the Brugge railway station. Take the 4th exit (direction Centrum). Just before the next roundabout, go to the right (or take the 1st exit on the roundabout), this is in the direction of Oostkamp. Follow this road until you passed the bridge (over the water) and at the traffic lights go to the right. You are in the Baron Ruzettelaan. Follow this road, and you will find us at the right (at the AD Delhaize).

Where to park your car?

If you arrive before 12h, you can leave your car on the (free) parking place (P&R Steenbrugge) a bit further (at the right side, between the roundabout and the bridge ‘Steenbrugge’). From 12h, you can park your car near our location on the parking of AD Delhaize or the parking spot a bit further.